Dr. Lee Bloom led a full life before Pasadena Recovery Center. Born in Massachusetts, he attended Browne & Nichols College at the University of Chicago and medical school at Tulane University. After graduating medical school, he met his wife Tobie in New Orleans. Not long after they married, the Blooms moved to North Carolina for Dr. Bloom’s internship in pediatric medicine at Duke University, and then off to Los Angeles for his psychiatric residency at UCLA. He then served as a psychiatrist in the United States Air Force, where he treated U.S. pilots returning home during the Vietnam War. After his service, he returned to Los Angeles and dedicated the rest of his professional career to treating chemical dependency and dual diagnosis.

In 2000, Dr. Lee Bloom founded Pasadena Recovery Center with his son and daughter. Bloom created a kind and caring center, providing those in need of treatment with compassionate services the way he had always dreamed. During his lifetime, Dr. Bloom helped countless individuals, was known for his compassion and was respected by both his clients and staff. Whether it was in a session seeing a patient, or using his time off to assist in an unplanned admission; this was his life’s work and calling.

Known for his knowledge and expertise of psychiatry and addiction, his kindness, and his sense of humor, Dr. Bloom had a positive influence on everyone he interacted with including patients, family, and friends alike.

Since his passing in 2008, his son, Michael, has taken over ownership and operations of Pasadena Recovery Center. Year after year, Michael strives to build upon the caring and supportive foundation that his father created at the inception of Pasadena Recovery Center. Whether it’s hosting guest speaker events, or opening a sober living facility less than a mile from PRC, Michael continues to take pride in the legacy his father created and to carry on their family’s passion for helping people- one client at a time.