The treatment process at Pasadena Recovery Center will look somewhat different for every patient, because we believe in customizing treatment programs to the unique needs of the individual. Our comprehensive 12-step treatment program is designed to cater to each patient, depending on the type of addiction we are treating and the reasons behind the addiction. Our experienced, professional staff is equipped to work with patients on all levels, from those with a dual diagnosis to patients working to overcome challenging circumstances or events in their lives.

12-Step Program

Developed in the 1930s, 12-step programs have become an integral component in many treatment and recovery programs today. While the original program was based in spirituality and religion, modern programs allow the individual to tailor the program to their specific needs and beliefs. A 12-step program is typically characterized by an inner soul-searching and reaching out to others for support and guidance.

At Pasadena Recovery Center, we have taken the traditional 12-step program to the next level, using it as a foundation for our customized treatment programs. Our goal is to provide every patient that walks through our doors the precise tools they need to recover from their addiction and move toward a healthy, productive life of sobriety.

Daily Treatment Options

To ensure the precise needs of all of our patients are met, we offer daily treatment options that are both generalized and specific. Counseling twice a week allows our patients the necessary time to identify underlying triggers for their substance abuse and work through them in a healthy fashion. Group therapy options, including Anger Management and Grief and Loss therapy help patients focus on specific issues in a positive, supportive environment.

Activities for Enjoyment, Relaxation

Recovery isn’t just about hard work; it also needs to include fun, relaxing activities that allow patients to focus on themselves and their recovery. Some of the activities offered at Pasadena

Recovery Center include:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Music therapy
  • Nature walks
  • Softball league

Personal time is also scheduled into every day, ensuring patients have time to spend on activities they enjoy most. Through education, counseling, activities and time alone, we strive to provide patients the optimal environment for successful treatment and the first step toward a sober life.

Pasadena Recovery Center is staffed by a group of professionals committed to offering personalized, compassionate support and treatment to every patient that walks through our doors. To learn more about our treatment process, contact Pasadena Recovery Center at 866-663-3030.