Alcohol Addiction & Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a disease, not a choice or a result of weak personal will. Alcoholism can be extremely destructive to individuals and families. It often ruins jobs, relationships, and can even lead to death – through liver failure, alcohol poisoning or drunk driving. People addicted to alcohol need a trained medical team to help them achieve full recovery. Alcoholics cannot choose to be well, just as cancer patients cannot choose to be in remission.

Alcoholism, or alcohol dependency, is one of the most prevalent forms of addiction in the United States. It is a medical disease, a neurological disorder, and it is characterized by the consumption of alcoholic beverages to the point of personal detriment. Alcoholics cannot control their addiction, drinking compulsively to the point of losing personal and professional relationships and putting their health in jeopardy.

Treatment for
Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Los AngelesIf you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol dependency, please call the Pasadena Recovery Center at (866) 663-3030. We’re available to talk with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We promise confidentiality and professionalism. Our comprehensive treatment program will address each client’s issues on an integrated basis, understanding that addiction often has underlying emotional and behavioral issues that need to be resolved.

At Pasadena Recovery Center, our dedicated staff understands the disease of addiction and we’re proud to offer lifesaving and life-changing treatment at an affordable cost. Our goal is to reintroduce sober individuals into society with the skills necessary to lead meaningful, productive lives, through a compassionate and comprehensive treatment program. There is hope and we’re here to help, so please take the first step towards a better life by contacting us today.